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The country building history of Hung King

Hung Vuong era was the beginning of the country, built on the foundations of Vietnam today. In the legend lively stories about the Hung King were passed on. It is said that He taught people farming, rice cultivation, he also taught people hunting, and how to use fire to cook.

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Hung King and his people

Folk stories passed on till this day show us a civilized era in the early days of the nation. With the development of science and technology, to the time of Ho Chi Minh we have gradually discovered the archaeological sites to prove that the Hung Vuong era is true in history, which is a process step in the development of the history of human formation in Vietnam. We are proud that our nation was established early in history, we are also proud that Vietnam is one of the birthplace of humanity. The evidences of the stone age in Thanh Hoa, Hoa Binh, Lang Son to Son Vi, Lam Thao, show us the development of primitive people in Vietnam from the old stone age. The new stone and the next progressive people have discovered bronze and iron through archaeological sites in Phung Nguyen, Go Mun (Lam Thao), Gia Thanh village (Phu Ninh) and especially It is in the village, Thanh Dinh (Viet Tri) …

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The map of Vietnam in Hung King era

The Hung Vuong era was a continuation of the tribal clan era to the period of class division and the first state appearance of the Vietnamese nation. So far we have not been able to accurately determine the Hung Vuong era for many years. According to the Hung Vuong records, until today it has been over 2000 years since 18 Hung Vuong’s birth. Some historians have assumed that the Hung Vuong era existed from the 7th century BC to 258 BC.

The first growth of our ancestors was in northern Vietnam. The land was not very crowded, there were not much people, but it had enough resources to form a nation, it also had enough conditions to survive and develop. It was in this period that they established the foundation of the Vietnamese people, the foundation of Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese spiritual tradition.

So far, through the sources of feudal historians and the basis of the achievements of history, we can see the economic and social conditions of the nation’s inauguration. Due to the demand of water treatment (a special legend of Son Tinh Thuy Tinh), the demand for anti-foreign aggression and the exchange of economic  and culture was getting  more and more promoted between the tribes and close blood relations tend to rally and unite. The leader of Lac Viet set up Van Lang. He became king, called Hung Vuong and that title was passed on for 18 generations. Hung Vuong was the leader of Vietnam in the era when we began to build our country.

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Son tinh and Thuy tinh folk story

In the 18th generation, Van Lang united with another tribe in the land and form Au Lac, the second state of Vietnam in history. After a short time our country fell under the domination of the Northern feudal dynasties for 10 centuries. This transitional period from the tribal time to the feudal time have left a big impact on society and tradition. After that period, Hung King was no more, but we still honor him as the founder of the nation until today.

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